10 Day Hiking Essentials

While you are reading this Adam and I are most likely hiking in the mountains in Washington. We are not newbies to day hiking, but we don’t hike for more than a day at a time or do any climbing (unless it’s easy scrambling). We know what we will need for the trips whether it be an easy 3 miler or a rough 8 miler with a high elevation gain. So here are a few of the items we like to bring with us in order to make the hike easier for us, but not weight us down.


(1) Hiking Poles. These Anti Shock Hiking Trail Poles help on those steep hikes that have a large elevation gain, especially when going down! hiking-poles

(2) Water Bottle. Make sure you don’t use a plastic water bottle because this can leach BPA into your water. I use S’well water bottles which are made with double wall stainless steel and keeps the water cold for 24 hours. They also come in really awesome designs.

S'well Aspen Water Bottle2

(3) Layers. This is a must because you might start out cold and end up sweating, or as you elevation increases it will get colder. Also it might start to rain so make sure you have layers of light jackets and a Water Resistant Rain Jacket.


(4) Bug Repellent. It has to be a good bug spray, because the mosquitos will eat you up! This Off! Deep Woods Insect Repellant has helped us prevent Zika here in Florida and will help us not get bitten on our hikes in the woods. You should spray it over your clothes, not under and on any exposed skin. This aerosol can does not deplete the Ozone.


(5) Noise. We didn’t have a Bear Bell to keep the bears away the last time we hiked so we used music instead. Either one works… I think.


(6) Camera. We use our GoPro HERO4  to take our amazing picture and when there is no one on the hiking trail with use we use our handy selfie stick from the Outdoor Sports Accessories Kit

go-pro HERO 4

(7) Lightweight Backpack. To hold some of the essentials plus some other layers. Day hikes don’t require tents. This Outdoor Canvas Backpack is perfect (and cute!) for a day hike, although is not waterproof. You can use this Water Repellent Spray to make your backpack, shoes and other essentials waterproof (not your phone! Use THIS for your phone!)


(8) Snacks. We pack this Tropical Fruit & Nut Blend into individual bags to carry with us during the hike to keep us energized. We also like to take Krave Beef Jerky for some protein to snack on. Take things that won’t go bad!


(9) Power Bank. To charge your cell phone. You don’t want to be halfway through your hike with a dead phone and no GPS or compass (smart phones come with a compass!). This Ultra-Slim Portable Power Bank  is perfect and not too bulky to carry on your hike. Make sure you charge it before you go!

power bank 2

(10) First Aid Kit. For little scrapes and booboos it is important to have a first aid kit on hand when hiking. This First Aid Kit even has a whistle in it for emergencies. 

first-aid kit


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