10 Best Dog Costumes

Adam and I are still on vacation and by this time we are in Oregon hiking in Mount Hood. Also by this time I will be missing Zoey way too much! I need to start thinking about what she will be for Halloween this year. It’s only 15 days away and there are way too many choices, but I narrowed it down to these 10 Best Dog Costumes (at least in my mind).


(1) Winnie the Pooh. Oh my gosh this baby is so adorable and looks just like Pooh when he has eaten too much honey! This Winnie the Pooh Dog Costume will leave us all going AWE!!winnie-the-pooh-puppy (2) Chewbacca. Star Wars will be big this year! Could you imagine you dressed as Han Solo walking around with a Chewbacca pup on Halloween night? If your dog doesn’t look exactly like Chewbacca like this little pup below this Chewbacca Dog Hoodie will sure do the trick (or treat)!chewbacca (3) Scuba Dog. Well I love SCUBA diving, but unfortunately Zoey does not like to swim. I could dress her up in this Scuba Steve Dog Costume and pretend like she does!scuba-diver-dog-costumes

(4) Sherlock Hound. After watching the show Sherlock and becoming hooked this past year I think Zoey may look good as a little detective and maybe even out sleuth Mr. Holmes. Sherlock Hound Costume for Dogs.sherlock-hound (5) Unicorn. Unicorns are cool again thanks to Unicorn Pool Floats and cool memes. Our dogs can be magical too with this  Unicorn Light-Up Collar Pet Costume or just click the picture below to learn how to DIY!unicorn-dog-costume (6) Taco. Everyone loves a good taco whether it is fish, chicken, pork, beef or vegetarian. A dog taco may not be good to eat, but it sure is fun to look at! This Taco Dog Costume will make your perro muy bonita!

taco-dog-costume (7) Carrying Pumpkin Dog CostumeAnything that makes you dog look like it is a little human is hilarious, and especially adorable with this giant stuffed pumpkin in the middle!dog-pumpkin-costume (8) Spider. Ever since that scary mutant spider dog video came out I have wanted to dress up a dog like a spider and now I can actually buy the Mutant Tarantula Dog Costume online haha! dog-spider

(9) Pikachu. Pokemon Go is so popular now. Maybe people will be taking pictures of the actual Pikachu next to your dog dressed in this Pikachu Dog Costume ! Please send me the pics if this actually happens.pickachu-costume

(10) Ghostbuster. The all-girls Ghostbuster movie is out now. Zoey can totally be a Ghostbuster, she already barks at the ghosts in our house and only needs this Ghostbusters Dog Costume to complete her look. 


I definitely figured out what Zoey’s costume will be before I even thought about my own! Make sure your dog is not too hot or uncomfortable in their costumes. Happy Haunting!!

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