What to Keep in Your Hurricane Preparedness Pack

Hurricane Hermine just passed by and we luckily did not get any damage in our area. Just a few tree branches here and there and some yard flooding. We were not kayaking down the streets and we didn’t wake up with a tree in our bedroom, but we were prepared if we did! A hurricane preparedness pack is essential if your electricity and water goes out during a storm. Here are a few ideas for you to create your own survival pack, whether it be for a tornado, earthquake or hurricane, you should be prepared.

What to Keep in Your Hurricane Preparedness Pack

(1) Trail Mix. Packed with protein and sugars to keep you energized and full. This Tropical Fruit and Nut Blend has 44 servings to share and should last you through the storm. FEMA recommends transferring any sugary foods and fruits to be stored in screw top jars or sealed containers to protect it from insects and pests.trail mix

(2) Water. It is so important to have clean, safe drinking water after the storm. FEMA recommends to store at least 1 gallon per day per person per day. These Emergency Survival Water Pouches are good to have in your survival kit as they are very durable.  Also this LifeStraw Personal Water Filter will filter out bacteria and parasites from 1000 liters of water which is perfect for emergencies and doesn’t take up as much space as water bottles.

(3) Flashlight. If your power goes out you will want a flashlight that is waterproof and will help you stay safe in the dark. This Waterproof LED Flashlight is perfect and does not break the bank. It comes with 3 AA batteries and has a run time of 20 hours, but keep it running for longer and make sure you have extra AA Performance Alkaline Batteries on hand!

(4) Radio. To keep up with weather forecasts, emergency rescue efforts and news this Emergency Self Powered Radio is perfect and also has a flashlight and a cell phone charger. It can be charged by hand crank, solar power or by USB connection. I would say this is a must-have.

(5) Peanut Butter. High in fat and calories this is a good item to have to keep you full and energized to get through the storm. Jif  is our home’s favorite peanut butter and we always have it stocked. It has a shelf life of 1 year (we can’t keep it on our shelves more than a few weeks!). 

(6) Canned foods. Beans, canned meats like tuna and chicken, and vegetables are great to stock up on from your local grocery store. Also make sure you stock up on canned foods for your furry friends! You will definitely need this Smooth Edge Can Opener to make sure any sharp edges are avoided which keeps you from injuring yourself and others.

can opener

(7) Hand Sanitizer. Making sure your hands are clean is one thing, especially if you don’t have running water, but there are other uses for hand sanitizer that will come in handy during a storm. It can act as a fire started due to the high levels of alcohol in it and you can sanitize a lot more than just your hands. Make sure you have some Purell Aloe Hand Sanitizer in your hurricane preparedness kit to prevent getting sick!

(8) Whistle. Or anything that could make your whereabouts known. This Survival Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle is perfect to find your way around to get help.

(9) First Aid Kit. Make sure everyone has the medication they need and all of their boo-boos are bandaged. This All-purpose First Aid Kit is perfect with bandages, ibuprofen and aspirin, antiseptics, cold compress and first aid guide among some of the 299 items included in the kit.

first aid kit

(10) Generator. If you want to get fancy and be the envy (and aid!) to everyone in your neighborhood get yourself a generator. It can keep your fridge running, lights working and phones charging while running off of gasoline. Make sure you keep stocked on gasoline to keep the generator running! This Gas Powered Portable Generator is a good price and will fit a small families needs.


These are only some of the suggestions of supplies to have during an emergency situation. Please visit this FEMA document to learn how to prepare and survive during and after a storm. Make sure you have extra clothes and blankets, all of your ID and credit cards, cash, prescription medications, pet supplies and all of your children’s needs!

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