My 5 Favorite Funny Dog Videos

I love watching cute videos of animals especially funny dog videos. They can make any day a happy one or at least put a smile on your face! Since Adam and I are on vacation and I haven’t seen my own dog for a while these videos help me get my needed dog love while we are away. Here is a list of my 5 favorite funny dog videos for you to enjoy!

(5) Chocolate Lab Puppy Stair Surfing. This dog found a new way to take the stairs… or did he create a new version of body surfing?

(4) Harlem Shake Dog Party Edition. The Harlem shake is hilarious to begin with. It’s even better with a dog and some video editing skills.

(3) Crusoe & Oakley Dachshund Play Ball HockeyI absolutely love these dog’s playing hockey. Their outfits are so adorable.  The dog is named Crusoe has other videos with outfits that are equally adorable.

(2) Impatient Dogs Waiting In Car. This is a video of dogs waiting in the car for their owner to come back from the store. The dog in the front seat starts honking the horn, dramatically pauses and looks at the person taking the video then continues to honk the horn. 

(1) Mutant Giant Spider Dog. My favorite video is of this dog that is dressed up as a giant spider scaring random people.

Some videos that I enjoyed but didn’t quite make the list are: Wine Tasting with Ginger, Dog trying to say “mama”, Golden retriever confused by squeeky toy, and Dog stealing sled.

Another video that I love is my very own dog Zoey dreaming.


My Top 5 Favorite Dog Videos

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