Welcome to The Eclectic Grape blog! I am Nicola and I live in the sunny state of Florida. I am a Physical Therapist, wife, dog mom, fitness lover, as well as a food and wine enthusiast. My goal for this blog is to include a variety of my interests for my followers to enjoy. I will share my ideas, challenges, joys and fears. It should be an interesting ride.

At this time in my life I have been married for a year to my husband, Adam, who is a Software Engineer. We have a dog named Zoey, who we think is a Wheaten Terrier. We adopted her from the Ft. Lauderdale animal rescue in May of 2012. I am training for a half marathon that is on December 13th 2015, I have about 5 more weeks of training to go. I work for a local hospital, but am on the job hunt for a pediatric position as that is the area of physical therapy that I am most interested in. I would like to lose some weight, but who doesn’t?  I am trying to eat more whole foods vs. the processed and packaged foods. My husband and I are homeowners and are currently in the renovation/decorating process. We also love to travel and are planning some trips inside the US soon as we have the Southwest buddy pass through next year! So that is my life in a nutshell right now.

Oh wait I forgot to mention… I love wine! Ever since my family and I went on a trip to Napa and Sonoma in 2013 I have been in love with trying different wines. We rode rented bikes to the different wineries, tasted all of the wines and luckily made it back to our hotel without a scratch on us. That was the best day of my life! I can’t afford expensive wines, but I like to go to Trader Joes, Total Wine and Wholefoods to try out different brands & types of wines. I am not a Sommelier (yet!)  so you won’t get a technical review of these wines that I post about (yet!), but hopefully it will open some eyes to affordable wines.


(Bartholomew Park Winery Sonoma, CA. Photo credit: Alexa MacKenzie)

So there it is the eclectic grape blog’s first post. I hope it was eclectic and grape-y enough for you!!

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