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20 Perfect Gifts for the New Mom

The gift giving season is upon us and for you last minute Christmas shoppers out there here is a guide to what to get your new mom friend! This doesn’t just have to be for Christmas… it can be for any new mom any time. Call them “push presents” if you will! These gifts will help out your new tired, worn out mom get through the long days and nights that come with having a brand new baby!

To Wear

1. Caffeine, wine and amazon prime shirt. Because this is what new moms run on and we all need a t-shirt to let everyone know we are a proud mommy!

2. Baby’s name ring. For new mommy to wear everywhere to feel like she is keeping her little one close, even when they are away.

3. Slippers. The primary shoes of the new mom. These have memory foam insoles to keep those feet comfortable too!

To Calm

4. Himalayan Salt Lamp. Releases negative ions which purifies the air and emits a soft amber glow. Healthy air for mom and baby!

5. MomLife: Adult Coloring Book. For those times a mom just needs a calming coloring moment to herself. Eventually she will be able to share colored pencils with her little one and color right along side them! 

6. Bath Bombs. Like these natural relaxing ones from Calily. If baby gets a nice warm soothing bath, mom deserves one too!

7. Unqualified by Anna Farris. We just need a good laugh and we all feel unqualified for motherhood so we can relate to this book.

8. Body Lotion. Like this Aveeno Lavender and Chamomile lotion. New moms are getting over the swelling in their legs and hands and that causes dry skin! I was an alligator after Soleil was born and couldn’t have enough lotion!

9. A bottle of wine and these breastmilk alcohol test strips for ease of mind for the nursing mommy.

To Stay Awake

10. Mini Keurig. She can keep it right next to her bed and keep that coffee running during those sleepless nights.

11. Coffee. Starbucks Gift Card or some K cups to use with her new Keurig, because coffee is the elixir of life for the new mom.

12. Mom So Hard Tumbler from SweeTees. New moms need something to put all of that coffee in and need lots of water!!!

For Sleep

13. Tired as a Mother sleep mask. To sleep when the baby sleeps, even during the brightest daylight hours. 

14. Comfy Pajamas. Sleep is so precious and hard to come by. A new mom needs to be warm and comfortable to get the best sleep while she can.


15. Amazon Echo. Not only can she ask Alexa to play white noise to mimic the sound of the womb to help baby get to sleep, she can also order more diapers without even having to put the baby down! Alexa is a lifesaver!

16. Snuza Go!. This monitors the baby’s movements, like breaths to ease the tired mom’s mind so she can get the sleep she needs!

To Freshen Up

17. Dry Shampoo  New moms do not have a chance to shower everyday. If guests are coming this will be her go to!
18. Lipgloss New moms are dry all over from head to toe. Help a new mom out by giving her the gift of soft lips to kiss her new baby’s chubby cheeks with!
19. Face Mist  When mom’s don’t have time to shower we need a quick way to freshen up our face! This face mist is made of rosewater to help balance our skin’s PH levels and keep us feeling fresh.
20. Headband. New mom’s hair is always in a messy bun, help her keep her hair up and back with some hair ties and bands so she can see her precious bundle of joy!

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