Fun Baby Accessories

I have been doing a lot of research into what I need to get for baby when she comes. I have tried to stick to the necessities, but it seems as though I am always coming across something that I don’t need, but would be awesome to have. I added these “wants” to a list and am sharing it with you. These would be a great items to add to your baby registry or for something cute, thoughtful and sweet to give as a gift.

  1. Wubbanub Infant Pacifier. These cute plush animals have a pacifier attached so you don’t lose it. They come in a variety of different animals and colors.
  2. Wooden play gym. This unique baby play gym goes with a variety of different nursery themes. You can also personalize the hanging toys to vary your baby’s sensory experience.
  3. Sophie The Giraffe Teether. A sensory toy and a teether, this giraffe has taken the baby world by storm. Touch, feel, smell and taste are all of the sensations the baby will learn from this giraffe.
  4. Sweet plush toy. The fox from Etsy is perfect for a boy or a girl. There are also more gender specific choices on the vendors website as well. Baby needs a buddy to snuggle with.
  5. Owl Baby Monitor. This is a cute monitor that looks like another toy hanging out in your baby’s room. It pans and tilts and has automatic night vision so you can keep track of your baby’s every move.
  6. Age blocks. I like these blocks, because they can be used as a nursery decoration or for milestone pictures even into grade school. These blocks are more gender neutral for those of you that want to re-use them for a second child.
  7. Bandana Bib . A useful tool to keep baby from messing up their cute outfit as well as a fashion accessory. How did our mom’s live without these?
  8. Wrists Rattle and Foot Finders. These colorful hand and foot wear will help the baby to become more aware of their body parts. These will help baby build strong abs as well.
  9. Baby Memory Book. This book helps you remember all of the milestones from baby’s birth up to 5 years old! It will help you remember first words, first haircut, when milestones were reached and even who came to visit the baby!
  10. Nursing Cover. This is not only a nursing cover, but a car seat canopy, shopping cart cover and baby swaddle blanket. This might just be a necessity. I don’t think it matters whether this is gender neutral or not. Momma has to wear it to nurse so it can be feminine looking.

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