DIY Valentine’s Day Painted Wine Glass

I love painting because it calms me down and keeps my mind off of everyday worries (and helps me procrastinate cleaning the house). Painting glass is tough because of the slickness of the surface and the contours of the glass, but if you have the patience and the tools it is really fun. I have done a wine glass post in the past, but this is my first DIY holiday wine glass (if you can call Valentine’s day a real holiday!). 

When I think about Valentine’s day I think about those Sweetheart candies with the nonsense sayings on them, cupid and hearts so that’s exactly what I put on my wine glass. The free printable for the outlines is below.I suggest going to your local Michael’s store and buying the craft smart multi surface premium satin acrylic paint for this project (if you buy the regular kind it will not adhere to the glass). This basic colors set should give you all of the colors you need and if not then you can mix them to make the colors you need. If you are buying the colors separately I suggest you buy red, white, black, blue, green, orange, yellow, purple and pink. I also use the Soft grip brushes Golden Taklon Value Pack 4 piece Round Set that provided me with the small brushes I needed for the details. 

Step-by-Step Valentine’s Wine Glass

  1. For each glass it is very important that you wash it and clean it with alcohol before painting. The paint won’t adhere to a dirty glass. Also, make sure the glass is completely dry before painting.wash wine glass
  2. Cut out and tape the cupid and heart pictures onto the inside of the glass. Place the heart with the arrow going through it near the cupid (like he shot it) and place the hearts in random intervals around the glass (re-using the hearts as you go around).
  3. Start painting the cupid and the hearts using a q-tip with the end cut off and some alcohol to fix mistakes. Go over again to make sure the glass doesn’t peek through the paint.
  4. Freehand the small hearts around the bigger hearts and add the sayings onto the Sweethearts. This picture gives some good examples of what to write on your hearts. I stuck to very short and sweet sayings. (You can totally just nix this step if you don’t think freehand is your thing… believe met writing those tiny letters in the hearts was tough!).
  5. Paint the stem of the glass. I chose pink, but you could use any of the colors you used on the hearts if you want.
  6. Add hearts or a sweet saying at the bottom of the glass stem to add a unique touch.
  7. When you are done painting the wine glasses you can either wait 21 days for the paint to cure or put the glass in the oven when the oven is cool, heat the oven to 350, bake 30 min and let the glass cool in the oven. Make sure the paint is completely dry before baking the glass.


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