DIY Snowy Pine Cone Ornaments

‘Tis the season to be crafty! I love breaking out the paint and the glue to create some amazing Christmas decorations. This year my parents gave me the idea to make pine cone ornaments. They changed the look of their tree this year to be a woodland theme so we collected a bunch of pine cones from our local park and got to work.



The main supplies you need for this project are pine cones, ribbon, white paint, a paint brush, a hot glue gun and a hot glue stick. You can go very simple with just the painted pine cone and ribbon or you can add some bling with glitter glue, small gems, bows, faux berries, etc. You can go as crazy as you want with this project.

supplies 2


I used simple white acrylic paint like the one that comes in this paint pack for the pine cones. Just painting the tips of the pine cones and the top of the pine cones makes it look snowy. Just try to paint where snow may fall on it naturally. I had to let one side dry until I could paint the other side or else I would have gotten white paint all over me! Optional: I added glitter glue at random points on the pine cone to give it a little bit of a shimmer.

Next I cut and tied the ribbon . I used about 8-10 inches of ribbon and you can use whatever color ribbon matches your theme. I already had red and green ribbon on hand so I used that.

The next part using the hot glue gun was a little difficult for me. You need to use a lot of hot glue under and over the ribbon in order to make the ribbon stick, especially if the pine cone is heavy. Let this cool and dry and add more if needed. Optional: Add some plastic leaves or berries over the spot of the glued area of the ribbon for some pizzaz.


Lastly when everything is dry and complete hang the ornament on your tree!!! These would be fun to make with your kids. Happy ornament crafting everyone!!

finished ornament

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