My Favorite Wine Inspired Shirts

Lately I have seen the shelves of clothing stores stocked with t-shirts with cute and witty sayings like “Oh Kale No!” or “Body by Pizza” and “Namast’ay in Bed”.  My favorites are the t-shirts with cute wine graphics and puns. Here is a list of my favorite wine inspired graphic shirts.

(1) Wino Saur Tank. Get it? Dinosaur with wine is a winosaur?! So cute! But I am worried that t-rex may not be able to reach his mouth with his tiny arms to drink his wine! Ok I’ll drink it for him.


(2) Watch Me Sip Chardo Nay Nay Tee. Whoever came up with this is genius. This will be at the top of my Christmas list

watch me sip chardo-nay-nay

(3) Namast’ay Home and Drink Wine Tank.  No one will be mad at you for staying in when you wear this tank. Stay comfy and meditate with wine on your own couch.


(4) Save the Winos Tee. Yes the world needs to save us all! 


(5) I have tried Running But I Kept Spilling My Wine Tee. Well we all know it is a sin to waste good wine! So don’t run just drink.

I tried running but I kept spilling my wine

(6) Wineicorn Tee. Wine is magic and so are unicorns. Be magical.


(7) All I Need is Coffee and Wine Tee. Daily essentials: coffee to get through the day and wine to get over the day.


(8) Accio Wine Tee. If I was a wizard this would be my most used spell and I love that this shirt is in Gryffindor colors. THIS shirt is cute too.


(9) Drinking Wine and Feline Fine Tee. Cats and wine go together like peanut butter and jelly. Now someone loan me a cat.


(10) Wake Slay Rosé Tank. Because anything related Beyoncé is legit and rosé is legit. I slay, we slay, rosé all day.


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