10 Dog Summer Essentials

It is now the summertime and your dog is most likely getting hot and stinky whenever they go outside. My dog hates the heat, but still loves to dig up a nice spot in the cool dirt or roll around in the freshly mowed grass. Here are 10 dog summer essentials for you and your furry friend to beat the heat, stay clean and be well behaved.

A happy but very dirty Zoey
A happy but very dirty Zoey

(1) Animology Skunk & Gunk Dog Shampoo Being outdoors in the summer (or anytime in Florida!) means that your dog is more likely to get into and roll around in some stinky stuff. This shampoo smells so good I want to use it. It also works well getting all that smell off your dog.

Dog Shampoo

(2) Collapsible Travel Water Bowl Dogs need to stay hydrated just like you, especially when it is hot! This travel bowl collapses to easily fit into a bag when going for a walk and even has a clip on it to hook onto a belt buckle loop or purse for easy access. They have a larger size available as well.

Dog water bowl

(3) Pet Waste Bags with Dispenser 880 bags pretty much lasts us way over a year. We had our last batch for almost 3 years so this is a good deal. This will last you many summers to come and it includes a free dispenser so you don’t get caught picking up the bags as it unravels down the sidewalk.

Dog waste bags

(4) KONG Classic Dog Toy This toy has withstood Zoey’s abuse since the day we adopted her. It has been chewed on, thrown, burried and dug up again, lost and then found and it is still in one piece. It was my savior when driving her across Florida on road trips! It can be frozen with peanut butter or other treats inside for a nice cool treat during the summer. 

kong ball

(5) PetSafe Gentle Leader Collar When my dog walks in park outside of our neighborhood she gets really excited and pulls until she gets so worn out she can’t walk anymore! This gentle leader keeps her from pulling without hurting her so she can pace herself when walking in the heat. 

gentle leader

(6) Stewart Freeze Dried Treats  Zoey would do anything for these treats. ANYTHING. So get your summer training in gear! I found Cesar’s 5 essential commands you can teach your dog for some guidance. I can pull these out when Zoey is rolling around in the freshly mowed grass and she will come right away.


(7) Greenies Dental Chews  These can be frozen as well for a nice cool treat while keeping your dogs mouth clean! Zoey loves these and will go through them quickly. A dog needs to keep their mouth nice and clean even in the summer time!


(8) Cooling Gel Pet Pad This is pressure activated so you don’t need to freeze it to be cool. Zoey likes to be outdoors with us, but gets too hot so we use this to keep her cooler in the shade when we are out playing in the pool.

cooling pet pad

(9) Dog Life Jacket  My dog is a pathetic swimmer, which is sad because both Adam and I were swimmers in college! So if Zoey wants to cool off in the pool safely she needs the life jacket. But even if your dog is a great swimmer if you go out on a boat this summer and anything happens this could save your dogs life!


(10) Dog Ice Cream I know I need to keep these cool treats in moderation for Zoey this summer or she will get fat! Zoey loves Dogsters ice cream snacks that you can find at most grocery stores like Publix! Nestle also makes a Frosty Paws product that we have not tried yet or you can just make your own dog ice cream. Sugar the Golden Retriever has 4 great recipes to try.



So stay cool, clean and well behaved this summer. If you want more for your dog check out for the latest and greatest in dog fashion, treats and accessories. 

Zoey was adopted from the Broward Country Animal Shelter and we are so happy we made the decision to add her to the family. There are so many ways you can help these animals by adopting not shopping, donating food and necessities, volunteering or even a monetary donation to your local animal shelter.

adopting zoey

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