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Recipe Video: Chicken Pad Thai

Every time I open my Facebook page I see another food video from Tasty or Tastemade showing me how to make another amazing recipe. I always wondered how they make it look so easy so I decided to try it for myself. I made a video for you on how to make Chicken Pad Thai based off of Cooking Classy‘s version of the recipe (I am not getting creative on this one… all of my creative skills have been lost in just the making of the video).

I love Chicken Pad Thai, but not the price at the restaurants. It is a simple dish to make at home and the ingredients last a while so you can make this dish multiple times. It is a weekend favorite in my house. As Cooking Classy states on her blog this recipe is not the traditional Pad Thai. This recipe substitutes out the tamarind paste for rice vinegar and lime juice and adds in carrots and red pepper!

Recipe Video Chicken Pad Thai

Serve this dish with a sweet white wine like Riesling or a yeasty beer like Hefeweizen.  

Recipe Video Chicken Pad Thai


Turns out making these video’s aren’t so easy. Making sure the lighting is perfect, the backdrop is clean and the camera is centered is difficult. Also there’s a lot of cleaning dishes and a lot of prep work involved. Those ingredients don’t just magically appear! In the end editing the video is the hardest part! Don’t worry I will write a post on how to DIY your own recipe videos once I figure out how to make mine more efficient.

Recipe Video Chicken pad thai

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