10 Things To Do During April Showers

The rainy season has begun and we all know the saying, “April showers bring May Flowers” so while we are waiting for those flowers I have come up with 10 things to do during April showers.

(1) Bake. If you have the baking staples on hand (butter, flour, sugar, egg, vanilla, baking soda, salt) you can at least make sugar cookies! Or with bananas you can make banana bread. With peanut butter you can make peanut butter cookies or these dog cookies!

10 things to do during April showers
Banana muffins are yummy on a rainy day.

(2) Read. You can read free e-books through Amazon, or re-read one of your favorite books that you have in your bookshelf. I am working on the J.D. Robb In Death series right now.

10 things to do during april showers
You can never get enough Harry Potter!

(3) Play cards. If you are alone and have a pack of cards play Solitaire. If you have more than 1 person I enjoy playing Kings in the corner, War, or the classic Go fish!

10 things to do during April Showers

(4) Clean out your closet. It is spring cleaning time so you might as well use this time to get caught up on it. If the rain is going on all day, maybe you could clean out your fridge too!

10 things to do during April Showers
My sort-of organized closet

(5) Write a letter. You can write a letter to your grandparents, say thank you to the troops, or even cheer up a nursing home resident’s day by writing a sweet letter.

10 things to do during April Showers

(6) Meditate… or just take a nap. After a long day or a long week you need to let go of your stress and think about nothing for a while. When it’s raining try to use this time to relax and clear your mind.  I found 2 websites that explain meditation and how to meditate here and here. If you can’t get into the meditation groove just take a nice nap instead. 10 things to do during April showers

(7) Plan out your meals for the week. Research sales and print coupons. Look up new wallet friendly recipes and make a grocery list. The rain may save you some money for the week!

10 things to do during April Showers

(8) Learn. Coursera has free courses you can take online in a variety of subject areas. You can crack open one of your old school books for a refresher. Search Google Scholar for up to date research in your area of interest. Huffington post has a great article on 20 Ways to Enjoy Free Online Learning and Classes.

10 things to do during April Showers

(9) Work out. There is no equipment needed for these workouts so you can get in shape while you are stuck indoors: Full Body Workout by Shaping Up To Be a Mom, Flat Stomach Workout by Spotebi, 10 At Home Barre Workouts by Meraki Lane or get your stretch on with this 20 Minute Full Body Yoga Workout by BistroMD

10 things to do during april showers

(10) Drink wine. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. It’s raining and that wine is calling your name.

10 things to do during April Showers
Cuddling with wine and my dog during the rain.

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