Stocking stuffers for your Mr.

Christmas is just around the corner and lately I have been making lists of gift ideas for my friends and family. One night I was sipping on this amazing red wine: Rhiannon by the Rutherford wine company (holds up great on its own! No pairing necessary) thinking about what to get my husband for Christmas and I decided to start with stocking stuffers.

I get so excited on Christmas eve when I sneak the gifts under the tree and stuff the stockings. The stockings are the first thing we open on Christmas morning. It is sort of the appetizer to the main meal. But each year I find myself putting the same things in Adam’s stocking… gum, candy, socks & boxers. Boring! So  I thought I would try to mix it up a little this year so of course I made a list!

stocking photo

[1] Bow tie. The Tie Bar has a large selection of all kinds of ties! Adam loves a good bow tie… and he doesn’t cheat with the simple clip on. If your man has trouble with it here is a great diagram to show just how to do it!bow tie

[2] Shaving kit. A small kit of course to fit in the stocking! I like Harry’s Winston set.

Harry's shave kit

[3] A funny coffee mug.  My husband is an engineer so this one would be perfect for him! Here is a great tutorial on a DIY sharpie mug so you don’t have to dish out so much cash for a pre-made mug.

Imgood at math

[4] Tea  infuser. I love this deep tea diver by Fred & Friends. Adam loves diving so this is perfect for him.  There are so many unique infusers out there on the web you can totally find one that fits your man’s interest!

deep tea diver

[5] Protein bar. These quest bars are low in sugar and high in protein. There are so many flavors to choose from like chocolate chip cookie dough, s’mores and pumpkin pie! Adam loves cookies and cream so I would slip this one into his stocking! cookies & cream quest

[6] Lottery scratch off ticket. Usually this time of year there are holiday scratch off tickets you can buy for as cheap as $1! It’s exciting to find out if you won any extra holiday spending money. (Be sure to provide a coin to assist in the scratching!)

lottery scratch off


[7] Tin Cup golf ball marker. 1 of the golf rules is that the player must be able to identify their golf ball during play. All you need is a tin cup of your choosing, an ultrafine permanent ink pen and a golf ball to play by the rules. My husband works on software for planes so I thought this design was appropriate.

plane tin cup

[8] Sportula. My husband loves to heat up the grill to cook steak, salmon and even vegetables. This spatula lets him be a fan while he is cooking up some amazing food on the grill. Of course we love the Tampa Bay Bucs!



[9] Pepper Head crazy hot spices. Make your man spicy hot with this powder to add onto pizza, pasta, salads, BBQ rubs and more.


[10] Krave Beef Jerky. Adam loves snacking and beef jerky is one of his favorites. This company sells this healthy snack, but with some cool flavors that you won’t find just anywhere.

krave beef jerky

And that’s the list! While I was creating this one I started to think of things that I would like in my stocking, which will lead me to my next post. Stocking stuffers for Mrs.

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