Stocking stuffers for your Mrs. (or Ms.)

After I made the Mr. stocking stuffer list I got a bit jealous and was thinking about what I would want in my stocking. So here is my list for me and maybe this list will be great for the woman in your life (wife, mom, sister, BFF).

mrs stocking

[1] Nail polish. This Emerald Empowered color from Nicole by OPI is beautiful. OPI has so many colors to choose from it’s very difficult to decide on just one alone. Nudes & pinks would be good choices for the ladies that are difficult to shop for.

nail polish


[2] Flirty apron. I have 2 flirty aprons already and I love them! They are so cute and feminine. It’s like wearing a cute dress while baking. The entire package wouldn’t fit in the stocking, but if you take it out of the package & roll the apron up nicely it is a sure fit!


[3] Sweaty bands. Now for the woman that works out a lot, or even a little, these sweaty bands are amazing! They are nonslip, hand stitched and look great on the noggin’ while breaking out a sweat. They have so many cute designs. Because I love wine I decided on this cute “you had me at merlot” band.

sweaty bands

[4] S’well bottle. I already have the large 25oz. version that fits an entire bottle of wine! Now that size won’t fit into a standard stocking but the mini 9oz. version for on the go will! This green color is amazing.

swell bottle


[5] Face sunscreen. It is so important that we protect our skin & face so a great sunscreen would be perfect in a stocking.  This Clear Face sunscreen by Neutrogena with an SPF of 55 has received great reviews and as an added plus does not cause break outs, which no woman wants!


[6] Dark chocolate. Yummy. Now we have all heard about how dark chocolate has health benefits, but the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate must be >70%. What is better than eating a bar of chocolate and knowing you are helping save an endangered species? These Endangered Species chocolate bars with peppermint crunch are the perfect holiday treat! 10% of the profits go to various wildlife funds and they have 72% chocolate. So it is not only yummy but healthy! The website has information on where to buy this product. They are typically found at health food stores such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

dark chocolate


[7] Wine Aerator. This Vinturi Red Wine Aerator is perfect for the wine enthusiast. This aerates the wines quickly so you don’t have to wait around to drink that bottle that just bought at the store! It is small and would easily fit into a stocking.


[8] Ribbon hair ties. Because no one wants a crease in their hair after they pull their hair down out of a pony tail. I have to wear my hair up for work and I like to take my hair down afterwards without it feeling all kinked.  Hair ties get lost easily so we can never have enough!!!

hair ties

[9] Purse hook. Finding a place to put your purse is difficult at a restaurant when space is limited & chairs don’t allow for bags to hang properly. These cute personalized purse hooks on Etsy are perfect for when you don’t want to put your purse on the icky ground. And you will be able to tell which purse is yours!!

Purse hooks

[10] Tree Ornament. A Christmas ornament that is meaningful to your relationship will go a long way with a lady. Adam and I have bees in the tree in our backyard and when rainy season hit this year some of the hive fell down. One of our good friends is a bee keeper and taught us how bees behave and how they will rebuild their hive. So I bought this bee ornament from Target this year to hang on our tree to honor the bees.

bee ornament

So there you go! Happy shopping and I hope you find the perfect stocking stuffers for your lady!!!! 

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